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Actionaid Charitable Products

A donation will be made to Actionaid's program for helping women and young girls by providing sanitary products to those who do not have easy access to them. 

As many of my customers are female, I'm sure you all appreciate how horrible it would be to not only be forced to leave your home due to war or disaster but to then start your period and not have sanitary products, a change of underwear and access to toilets. Personally, I struggle without lots of tea, chocolate, cheese and onion crisps and a hot water bottle, not to mention a comfy place to curl up and paracetamol when I'm at my worst! So that is why I have decided to try to help a little by making a contribution to Actionaid from the proceeds of these products. The amount donated will vary depending on the product but the minimum will be 10p per sale. 

To find out more about Actionaid's program to help women with sanitary products and/or make a donation yourself please visit their site here.

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